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2019 Wohelo Recipients

“Wohelo” stands for Work, Health, and Love—values that have been central to Camp Fire since we were founded in 1910. The Wohelo Award is the highest achievement for youth in Camp Fire. This prestigious award is open to teens in… Read More >

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10 Reasons Camp Fire Heart of California Stands Out From the Crowd

With so many options in youth programming – sports, arts, extra-curricular activities – we want to tell you why Camp Fire Heart of California is different, and what makes us an innovative leader in youth development: 1. Camp Fire is… Read More >

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Camp vs. Screens (Spoiler: Camp wins)

Facts we take seriously at Camp Fire: Kids spend 90 percent of their time indoors. – Children & Nature Network Kids spend 50+ hours a week on a screen.  – Children & Nature Network If you need a quick answer to “Why camp?”, there’s… Read More >

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