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Camp Fire Heart of California offers an exciting variety of programs throughout the Central Valley:


Traditional club programs are offered by Heart of California Council. Club pairs a trained, volunteer leader with a group of youth who work through a Camp Fire curriculum before or after school. hey have regular meetings where youth and their families have an opportunity to explore the work, be creative, participate in community service, and gain a sense of belonging while having fun.  Clubs typically go on field trips, undertake service projects, and do other activities to earn badges and learn life skills. They are open to all boys and girls preschool through high school.


Teens in Action

The Teens in Action program is built upon Camp Fire’s long tradition of recognizing youth as part of the solution to today’s social challenges. Teens in Action teaches youth about community service through hands-on experiences, including conceptualizing and implementing a community service project from start to finish. Youth learn to work together towards a common goal and make a difference in their community, honing their leadership talents throughout the process.

The primary purpose of Teens in Action is to support members in exploring their sparks, which allows them to have a positive impact on their schools and communities through leadership and service. The intent of Teens in Action is to build strong ties between teens and their schools and communities, and to put a spotlight on issues of concern to these youth. They exchange ideas, discuss issues, determine community needs, and develop strategies to address them. As individuals, they are also encouraged to identify personal challenges and create their own action plans for mastering those challenges.

Teens in Action fosters the development of awareness, empathy, personal values, self-esteem, and social responsibility. The program enables student to give of themselves, provides structured time for youth to reflect on their experiences, and offers opportunities for leadership within their community, all while delivering and sharpening the skills that youth need to reach their full potential. Through Teens in Action, youth develop a vision for their future.


Camp Adahi

Camp Adahi is a resident camp offered to members that have completed third grade through eighth grade. It is held in July at our camp grounds in the Sierra National Forest, just north of Bass Lake, CA.

Find more information about Camp Adahi here, including how to register.

Camp Eluta

Camp Eluta is a day camp for our youngest campers, preschool through third grade. It is held at a local school in Madera for one week each year.

Find more information about Camp Eluta here, including how to register.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within