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Candy Sale



Creamy Smooth Mint Patties
Camp Fire Kids have been selling these delicious creamy mint patties since the 1940's and they are still a favorite today.   Mint patties are covered in rick milk chocolate and are exclusive to Camp Fire.   16 pieces per box.

Almond Carmel Clusters
Rich, creamy caramel and roast almonds are covered in real milk chocolate and made with Caliornia almonmds.    10 pieces per box.   Manufactured by Brown and Haley.

Almond Rocca
Tasty Buttercrunch toffee candy covered in real milk chocolate and rolled in California almonds.   Each piece is individually wrapped.   12 pieces per box manufactured by Brown and Haley.

Fire roasted peanuts with a sweet cruncy toffee coated shell.  Manufactured by Adams and Brooks.   10 oz bag. 

Camper Mix
Camper Mix is quickly becoming a new favorite.   This sugar free mix of almonds, cashews, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and a variety of seasame stickes.   Made by Squirrel brand. 
10oz can.